What are your numbers?

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Below, please provide us with your full name (or channel/business name) and either birth date (or any imporant date ie: the date your started your channel, started your business) so we can calculate your numbers.

This information is not stored in any way is will be deleted from any cache or memory once you have hit the calculate button so that you can be certain there will be no issues with identity or confidentiality. The only thing that is stored is the number of times this utility has been used. If you submit the form with invalid data, the calcualtor will proivde an error message and reset the form.


Version 1.0

Calculator Used: 48 times

The PANICd Pythagoras Based Numerology Calculator is a utility to help you calculate your expression number, life path number, power number, and color vibration number. This is a very basic data driven program and will provide you with some basic numerology readings based on the Pythagoras method. This utility will not provide a complete numerology chart; however, check back often as we plan on adding to this utility over time.

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