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Haunted Places
A listing of paranormal claims and over 7,000 haunted locations across the globe. Has a unique mapping system that will allow you to find other places that are close by as well.
The Shadowlands Website
A listing of things paranormal.
Listing of real haunted locations and Halloween type haunted houses.
Wikipedia Listing of Haunted Places in US
List of haunted locations in the US by state. Not a full comprehensive list.
Haunted Oklahomas
This blog site lists many different paranormal locations throughout Oklahoma.
Southern Spirit Guide
Blog site with various paranormal locations.
Media Converter
Converts .WAV files into .MP3 so that they can be uploaded to the database.
List of Ghost Adventures Episodes
A complete listing of all of the Ghost Adventure's episodes include the names of the locations that they investigated.
Ghost Hunter's Episodes
A complete listing of all of the Ghost Hunter's episodes including the names of the locaiton they they investigated.
List of Reportedly Haunted Locations in the United States
A Wikipedia page dedicated to a listing of reportedly haunted locations throughout the United States.
A listing of paranormal societies
The Online Paranormal Society Directory

Find a Grave
See the graves of thousands of famous people from around the world.
National Registry of Historical Places
The official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation.
Finding Latitude and Longitute Points
When adding a location, if you do not have the address, this site is helpful in finding the latitude and longitude so that the location can be placed on the map.
Forgotten USA
A great resource if you are looking for paranormal locations. We sometimes use this site as a starting point for research.
The Web's most popular paranormal destination according to and; and the largest supernatural resource (we receive over 150,000 hits daily). We're also home to author Jeff Belanger and his books.

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