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Our Haunted Travels

Our Haunted Travels is based on locations that members and/or owners have visited to conduct research or and investigation based on reported paranormal claims. All of the locations and articles posted here are based on personal experiences of the members and/or owners.

Our Haunted Travels Playlists

You can now view our YouTube series entitled, "Our Haunted Travels", as we discuss the various locations that we have visited and some other useful, traveling, paranormal investigation tips and tricks. We have visited over 200 of the locations within the database. This series will document not only the history, stories, paranormal claims, about the locations, but also the information we have gathered while we were there. We have organized our videos into various playlists by the types of videos that created, so if you like a particular type of video better than another you can watch all of that type together.

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Location Videos

The videos featured in this playlist are locations that we have visited through "Our Haunted Travels", most of which have #paranormal claims. We will be publishing a new "location" video every Friday, so stay tuned. If you would like to see a full list of the locations we have visited, please connect to our Visited Locations Page.

Ghost Stories and Folklore

This playlist will house videos in our ghost stories and folklore category. Please make sure that you watch these videos late at night, with the lights out, and your doors locked. We highly recommend watching them on very dark stormy nights when the moon is full. These videos are narrated by our mascot Boris.


Shorter videos about locations we have visited. In most cases, we will be referring to these supporting videos when we product the full location video. Some locations require some additional support and we have decided to have a separate "snippet" type video to keep the full location videos shorter.

Let's Talk Paranormal Live

Join in on our Live streams on most Saturday nights at 5 p.m. EST. where we just sit and talk about all and anything paranormal. If you have questions and/or stories to share, make sure you join in with us. Soemtimes we play games on these show, other times we just sit back and debate a topic.

Behind The Haunting Live

During these live streams we will present the evidence and research we have discovered and allow you to be the judge as to why these locations could be haunted. In most causes, the information is related to a specific location and what happened there in the past. We have a presentation at the beginning of the live stream then a group discussion.

Haunted History Recipes

Our Haunted History Recipes are a collection of recipes that are related to some event in history or one of the locations that we have visited in the past. Marianne conducts research to find the recipe that is as close to the original as possible and will present making that item within these videos. We will also provide a link to the receipt in the description.

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Recently Added Locations

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