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The Knickerbocker Hotel

The Knickerbocker Hotel paranormal

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Location submitted by: sdonley on 12/14/2013
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A hotel built in 1882.

115 W. Erie Street
Linesville , PA 16424
Phone: (814) 818-0055
Open to the public: Unknown


Lat: 41.656218
Lon: -80.42247629999997

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History information is some background and history about the location. This is meant to be a basic summary. Below the history records you will find sources in which you can click on to find out more information. There may be multiple history records per location.

1880 Census records for Linesville, Crawford County, PA At 133 Erie Street there was a hotel run by a Mr. M. A. Arnold, age 37, born about 1843 in New York. He is listed with wife Clara, age 32; daughter Rosie, age 6; and son Varnum J. Arnold, age 4. Others living at this address were likely hotel workers and/or registered guests; Samuel McGuire age 23, his occupation was listed as Hostler indicating that he may have kept the stable or more likely(Latin translation) worked in hospitality for the hotel, i.e. front desk, etc.; Katie Hickey, age 21, servant; Eliza Cornelius, age 16, also servant; Hiram Parker, age 33, a painter; and J. I. Werfel, a sewing machine agent, age 33 (likely a guest at the hotel).

According to an unknown source on the internet, the Arnold House was built in 1882; the address now is 115 W. Erie Street. It would appear that M.A. Arnold built this new hotel, and soon afterwards the family suffered at least one loss. In 1885, only three years after the completion of the new hotel, Mrs. Arnold died of consumption, or what we know today as tuberculosis. Being that they were hotel keepers, they more than likely also lived there in either an upstairs, or downstairs family quarters and this is likely where Clara Arnold died.

Added by: lmizenko on 01/31/2015 DB#:205


Stories are just that. Stories and personal accounts that have been reported about the location.

We wanted to share the darkest part of the building with everyone, especially the uninitiated, who were anticipating a good scare on their very first ghost hunt. We knew the basement was the perfect spot for this, so we rounded up a group of guests and headed to the cellar.

We corralled everyone in the very back of the basement, the darkest part, where the activity was rampant. The sound of rustling and movement echoed off the concrete walls. This sent chills down the spines of our first-time investigators. Shadows leapt from the corners, darting quickly across the room before fading into the walls. Constant whispers kept everyone's ears on high alert

We set up a laser grid, watching for any movement, which would be indicated by the blocking out of the tiny green lights. We stared in awe as the grid darkened with a humanoid shape. Cathi jumped, startled as unseen fingers traced the back of her neck. I checked for spiders or cobwebs but there was nothing behind her. The group was unnerved by the activity, but my attention was quickly drawn away. I watched a small black shadow materialize and then vanish in the lighted doorway of a storage room on the other side of the dirt floored room.

The basement did not disappoint.

There was much more to explore at the Knickerbocker so we moved onward and upward, stopping in each of the guest rooms along the way. Each was different, with its own personality and paranormal activity.

The happy, friendly spirits on the second and third floor have always welcomed communication and interaction guests. This night was no different. Several EVPs were captured in the Angel Room, including a stunning declaration of a voice claiming to be Milo Arnold, the original proprietor of the building.

The spirit box rattled on about the Opera and musical celebrations, a common theme during the heyday of the building. Pre and post performance parties were a huge draw to visitors of the Arnold House. The ghosts of the past seem to relish in remembering these golden carefree days.

Added by: lmizenko on 01/31/2015 DB#:1160

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1922 01/31/2015 lmizenko Shadows and orbs in the basement.
1923 01/31/2015 lmizenko Feeling of fingers going down the back of the neck.
1924 01/31/2015 lmizenko A phantom feline.
1925 01/31/2015 lmizenko Voices from a spirit box.

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