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Lil Elizabeth - Twin City Opera House

Definition: A story about a little girl that haunts the Twin City Opera House.


Through multiple paranormal investigations, Eric Glosser, Director and Senior Lead Investigator for the United Paranormal Project (U.P.P.) have pieced together the story of "Red-Wine Robert Lowery", "Elizabeth" and "Victoria". Here is their account form the Twin City Opera House website:

With EVP's, countless hours of investigating and the help of the Spirits, I will share a sad story we have come to know. Victoria a performer at the Opera House whose residence was believed to have been in West Virginia had a 10 year old little girl by the name of Elizabeth. Robert Lowery a stage hand at the Opera House was an unhappily married man. Robert and Victoria sparked a romance with each other and little Elizabeth was the result of this romance. Elizabeth would watch her mother perform at the Opera House from the catwalk with her father Robert.

Victoria was in McConnelsville one weekend to perform and had to leave Elizabeth at the Kennebec Hotel as she was sick and running a very high fever. Elizabeth went and performed at the Opera House which is just across the road from the Hotel. When Victoria returned to the Hotel after the show and she found Elizabeth's lifeless body in the bed. Her fever became too high and she passed away.

We have captured an EVP from Victoria saying that she was so sorry and she didn't mean to. We believe she is crying out in an apology to Elizabeth saying she didn't mean to leave her alone to die. We have captured and EVP from Elizabeth saying "I Forgive", which we believe she is forgiving her mother for leaving her alone. After numerous times assuring Victoria that is was not her fault that Elizabeth died we later captured another EVP from Victoria saying "I'm OK now, really". Since this time we have been picking up more and more conversations with Victoria and Elizabeth. Robert continues to be the most active Spirit in the Opera House. He was nicknamed "Red-Wine Robert" after capturing an EVP from him saying "I've got Red Wine" back in 2009. Robert continues to romance woman who show up to meet him. He says that he prefers Red Headed woman with big busts. He has stated that Victoria met this physical description, however his wife did not.


Twin City Opera House


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