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The Golden Feather

Definition: Christmas Ghost Story


When I was six years old, on Christmas Eve I was very bored. I went across the street to see if my friend could play, but she couldn't, so I was very sad and came home to mope on the couch by the Christmas tree. As I was sitting there, there was a knock at the door. My grandma, aunt and mom all came running out telling me not to answer it, because I wasn't allowed to. I assumed it was my friend from across the street, but as they opened the door I saw that it wasn't my friend... but a Christmas bag. We all looked around outside to see no one whatsoever. We picked the bag up and read the tiny card that was attached to it, and it said "TO BRITTANIE" - that's me. I opened it and pulled out a huge beautiful golden feather! My family and I were very surprised, and we assumed it was from my guardian angel.

After that incident, every year around Christmas, I received another golden feather. (When I was seven I didn't receive one because something else happened.) But when I was eight I found one in the candy section strapped against a white piece of cardboard at a store. I showed it to my mom, who was very surprised and asked the cashier if we could buy that as well, but since there was no price on it, the cashier said it was free!

When I was nine, I found a golden feather in my backpack in school when it wasn't there that morning! When I was ten, the same thing happened, except I found it after school in my backpack.

When I was eleven, I received a golden bag. It was Christmas Eve and I was sad because I didn't get a feather yet, so as I was playing ball with my mom in the front yard. The ball flew over my head and I ran after it, tripping over the outside tree light cord. The lights on the tree went off. Then we plugged them back in. As soon as we did that, a golden bag appeared in the tree when it wasn't there before. I opened it and inside it had a note that said: "ALWAYS BELIEVE" and a green, white and gold angel pin - the colors of Ireland. I'm Irish.

Also, there was stuffing inside the bag, and it had the purest smell I've ever smelled. It smelled like heaven or something. When I was twelve, I received another golden feather in my backpack. Then when I was thirteen, which I am now, I received a silver Celtic box. It had green stones on the sides of it and it said: "LORD, HEAR MY PRAYER" on it. Inside were white feathers and small golden shamrock with a green gem stone in the center and a metal that was as if something had mended it into saying: "BELIEVE."

So that's all that has happened to me so far on every Christmas. I can't wait to update you in the following years. - Brittanie


Christmas Ghost Stories


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