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Ghost of Errol Flynn

Definition: Did Errol Flynn try to warn Ricky Nelson?


Farther up the canyon, away from the glitzy Beverly Hills homes where other actors lived, was a house built by actor Errol Flynn, who was known for his roles as a swashbuckler and leading ladies man. He was also Hollywood's original bad boy. Flynn bought 11.5 acres on top of a ravine off dry and dusty Mulholland Drive in 1941 and had a modest ranch-style Colonial built that he called Mulholland Farm (must-watch video). It had a pool, tennis court, barn, and even a casino (shown in forefront, above). He also had some other amenities installed such as secret passageways, two-way mirrors and peepholes so he could spy on his lady friends. Flynn threw many spectacular parties for his friends - live dance bands, nude divers, fencing exhibitions, and plenty of girls - which made Flynn's home the talk of Hollywood. Things turned on Flynn in 1942 when two underage girls accused him of statutory rape. He was acquitted, but within the decade, Flynn would leave Mulholland and the U.S. to make movies in Europe, but also to avoid back taxes and alimony to two ex-wives.

Flynn's hard-driving ways caught up to him in 1959 when he died at age 50. Mulholland Farm was then purchased by Stuart Hamblen, who was one of American radio's first singing cowboys. There were no reports of oddities during Hamblen's 20 years of ownership, but things got interesting again in 1980 when singer-songwriter Ricky Nelson and his family bought Mulholland Farm. Nelson's daughter, Tracy, felt a presence in the house and would recount strange happenings such as sounds of people throwing things at the walls, breaking chairs and breaking glass, but no one was there. Ricky's response for these eerie events was, "Oh that's only Errol."

Ricky Nelson died in a plane crash in 1985 and afterward, Tracy theorized that Flynn's ghost was trying to warn Nelson of impending disaster. Eventually, a real estate developer bought the property and demolished Flynn's notorious home in 1988. Fast forward to 1997 when actress Helen Hunt purchased the property and built a home that she never lived in, selling it in 2002 to a modern swashbuckler of another sort - pop star Justin Timberlake who bought it for $8.2 million.


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